Thursday, 30 September 2010

Behind the Bar (Rashid)


The pilot's sitting at the bar. Quiet type. Been here a week, talking for the first time as I hand him his beer.
'My cousin, she's about this high,' points at his waist. 'She literally looks like she's twelve. Cypriot special forces. Can kill a man with her bare hands. I used to joke she should be registered as a weapon. Christ, let's not even go there,' dry chuckles. 'Last time I took her to a night club in London she threw a guy right through the wall.'
The shift over, I have a beer with him.
'Most of us are here to escape the real world,' he says. It's true.
'The real world is over-rated.' I say.
'Big time.'


  1. Quem era este pilot? Foi o que nos levou? Ele contou-te isto assim? Sem mais nem menos? Realmente está longe do real world! =) jk

  2. Acho que nao. Um gajo muito magro, com uma barba recortada, usa as calc,as demasiado justas. Um mal disposto. Nao, nao foi sem mais nem menos, sao duas frases descontextualisadas. Especie de 'highlights' da conversa. ;)

    Thought you might, Sophia.