Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Listening to the Songs We Love
Makes us feel sad sometimes, reminding us as they do of happier times. Of times when we had what we thought we wanted, and were not mistaken on that count. Now we have what we have, mainly memories and an apartment that's a tangle of wires and a bed without a boxspring and a few books and an absolutely empty refrigerator and a stove we've yet to use. People say put something in your refrigerator, it'll make your house feel more like a home, they say buy furniture, they say lots of things that cannot cure us of the conviction that we're living the life of a ghost. About all we've learned since we've been single is this: we can do whatever we want, but there's nothing we want to do."
found at Unremitting Failure, the web's deepest blog about futility.

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