Sunday, 23 October 2011

"And you feel, like, when you're furthest away from everything is when you're most connected." - Anissa Jkhan.

Some of the wisest minds are hidden in twelve-year olds' bodies.

Caspar David Friedriech, Wanderer above the sea of fog


  1. my flattery was shattered by the low blow.
    but i'll take it none the less

  2. This was an amazing and a horrible review. I felt little bit scared about swinging after visiting this blog.If you want to do some adventurous things, you need to visit to the travelocity blog.

  3. 'Latifa'-Sorry, kid, it sort of wrote itself!
    'Sophia'-Well, yes, maybe a little.
    'Jane95'-I really do hope I didn't put you off swinging. Thank you very much for the advice and your visit.