Sunday, 27 November 2011

"Tell me, nurse, what´s wrong with me?" The French girl said, putting down her white wine. The nurse was a tall blonde danish girl.

Now I realise that this sounds just like the opening for an adult-rated film, but bear with me here.

"Every day I am tired. I sleep too much. Tell me nurse."
"Nothing," the nurse said. "You're just bored. You've spent three days on a boat. You don't have anything to do so you sleep and you eat, is all."
"But I'm always like this. Even when I'm working, I wake up feeling tired. I worry about it, I think about it a lot."
"You're not working now - you're on holidays so you can sleep as much as you want. Without worrying. Maybe you're only tired because of that."
"Yeah. That's my problem. Maybe I think too much."
"You should drink not think!" The nurse said, raising her glass of boxed red. My kind of nurse.

Later, the French girl said:
"The Swedish are my dream. That's my mission you know? To fuck a swedish every place that I go. It's been a problem, though. There's so few of them travelling."

Now I realise this sounds like the premise for an adult-rated film, but bear with me here.

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