Monday, 13 February 2012

Icy crystals covered the windows of the car. Nothing but the moon was moving. It was midnight and there was nobody else there and I turned on the radio. The voice came through, loaded with a strange accent, static and airwave salvation.
"And the Lord said, walk down the old ways, stick to the old paths. Look to the old truths. Keep to the old ways, and I will provide rest for your soul. And you want to rest your soul, don't you, dear listener?"


- És completamente desprendido e muitas vezes o preço de se opor o contexto (pequeno-burguês, judaico-cristão) é muito alto. Eu passei anos sozinha e às vezes o preço é esse. Há uma enorme solidão na oposição...


"I had to change too. Change plans, change ideas. Join the other side, the one with all the caretas. It wasn't just me anymore - I did it for her."
"That's how they catch you, huh?"
"But we all want to be caught."


Nowhere Man. It feels like I listened to this song for the very first time yesterday.

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  1. Lool you tuned into the crazy Christian channel!