Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Nothing is more idealistic than angry people looking for a way to make themselves seem above others. Being in the exclusive club of authenticity, as it seems you consider yourself to be a member of, does little more than make you look like you have nothing better to do than belittle other people. Everyone has different reasons for backpacking, and that said, everyone has a different background. If you have learned anything in your travels it should be to appreciate these differences and try and see life from someone elses point of view. ... No one goes backpacking out of necessity, you jerk, people do it for adventure…you say "Most backpackers would rather stay in nice hotels, but they can’t afford to, so they go backpacking" –It’s not like poor people go backpacking because it’s the only way of life available to them, if people wanted luxury they wouldn’t go backpacking to begin with."

- Lauren on "Things I hate about Backpacking"

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